Holt Brothers12.30 – 12.55 THE HOLT BROTHERS

The Mighty HB’s direct from Strawberry Hill



Big Tooth1.10 – 1.50 BIG TOOTH

Young local contemporary melodic pop/rock band




Big Steam Band2.05 – 2.55 BIG STEAM

Rhythm of the blues




Odgers Simmonds & Bedford3.10 – 4.00 ODGERS, SIMMONDS & BEDFORD

UK Folk Rock Rebels



The Mustangs4.15 – 5.05 THE MUSTANGS

One of the most established and critically-acclaimed rock bands in the UK





Nark Drool - Steph & Kim5.20 – 6.00 NARK DROOL & THE SHUDDERS

Hits and favourites of the late 50’s early 60’s




Eel Pie All-Stars6.20 – 7.30 THE EEL PIE ALL-STARS

Featuring the all-time favourite Blues/RnB/Rock musicians of the Eel Pie Fame